On July 15, 2013 Staffwell’s annual Summer internship program for students and young professionals was launched!

This time, the company welcomes three young people with disabilities who are joining the team for the next 1,5 months. All three are talented students enrolled at Moscow universities. Staffwell’s initiative has been supported by Russian Disability NGO "Perspektiva" and the Russian Business Council on Disability.

After a competitive selection involving a number of candidates, Staffwell executives selected those few who were the most active, focused on professional development and success, as well as keen to demonstrate their desire for a career in HR. In Staffwell they’ve been offered positions as Researchers.

This will become valuable experience for them prior to beginning their full time careers, whether those be in recruitment or another occupational area. The advantages of the program are that participants gain significant, quality, on-the-job training covering all main recruitment techniques and technological areas. Staffwell’s Internship programs consists of 2 blocks: training and practical work.

Successful interns will have the possibility to receive a permanent paid job as a Researcher or Junior Consultant with Staffwell. Interns successfully completing the program will also receive a certificate for the course.

An excellent start to the career of these promising individuals!

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